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How are we unique from others?
How we stand out
We stand out by transforming uncollectible claims into revenue

We are not just another medical billing company; we redefine the standards with our innovative solutions and meticulous attention to detail.

MedQuik Solutions

Transparent workflow system

Transparency is at the heart of our operations. Our internal inventory tool provides clients with real-time access to data, allowing them to monitor inflow, recurring, closed, resolved, and paid claims daily, weekly, and monthly.

Reduces Billing Errors

Our experienced and well-trained medical billers possess extensive knowledge of complex claim submission processes. They undergo rigorous training and quality assessments to ensure accuracy and timeliness in submissions. This reduces rejected claims and ensures thorough review and editing before submission.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing medical billing to MedQuik Solutions saves hospitals on salaries, training, benefits, office supplies, furniture, and hardware upgrades. Our flexible pricing models (transaction, percentile, FTE) allow clients to choose the best option for their needs, providing high-quality service at lower costs.

Improves Patient Satisfaction

We ensure accurate reimbursement, swift error identification, and rapid follow-up on denials, allowing practitioners to offer excellent customer service and compassionate care.

Guarantees Billing Compliance

We integrate compliance deeply into all our operations, supplemented by rigorous internal and external audits. Our mature organization ensures adherence to all regulatory standards.

Personalized Customer Service

We prioritize direct, personal communication. All calls are answered by account representatives, not automated systems, ensuring patients receive courteous, efficient, and private support.

Why Us?
  • MedQuik, based in New York, offers expert US Medical Billing services, Consulting, and Practice Management solutions aimed at maximizing your profit.

  • Performing Provider Services for Multiple Speciality-Internal Medicine, Oncology, DMEPOS, Nephrology, Dental, Opthomology, Chiropractic, Physical Theraphy and much more.

  • Well trained and tenured experienced staffs with high efficiency.

  • Credentialing (Individual & Group Practice), Authorization & Insurance Verification.

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What Makes Us Unique
  • We use cutting-edge technology in billing and coding to achieve a first-pass claim rate of 98.4%, significantly reducing denials and delays.

  • We offer tailored solutions for various medical specialties, ensuring a perfect fit for the unique challenges and demands of each practice

  • We provide a telemedicine platform with AI features to enhance patient care

  • We integrate advanced digital marketing strategies including webpage development, website optimization, social media management, and reputation management to enhance practice visibility and patient engagement.

  • We provide a one-point contact. We will be available 24/7 to support and respond.


Arjun K Sridharan


Renowned entrepreneur and visionary, Mr. Arjun Sridharan, is the mastermind behind Medquik Solutions inception. A distinguished serial entrepreneur, he's acclaimed for initiating and partnering with start-ups, nurturing them into flourishing enterprises. A true trailblazer, Mr. Arjun Sridharan infuses Medquik Solutions with his wealth of experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and forward-thinking approach. His talent lies in identifying and empowering teams to autonomously run businesses while providing strategic guidance from a distance. Mr. Arjun Sridharan's unwavering commitment to innovation and sharp business acumen form the foundation on which Medquik Solutions thrives in the competitive landscape of healthcare revenue cycle management.

Arjun Sridharan, Founder
Dr. Banerjee, Founder

Dr. Banerjee


Dr. Banerjee has an impressive track record spanning over two decades in healthcare quality, experience of care, and healthcare innovation. He has effectively led and collaborated with executive leadership within integrated healthcare organizations, encompassing acute and post-acute care healthcare systems. Banerjee's educational contributions are notable, having instructed various courses in areas such as Healthcare Quality, Legal Issues in Healthcare, Healthcare Data Analytics, Nursing and Health Informatics, and Evidence-Based Practices. He holds a patent for a groundbreaking chronic disease management application that not only encourages enhanced patient engagement but also facilitates seamless transitions of care. His prowess extends to data analytics, where he has successfully devised and executed a robust prescriptive analytics platform capable of addressing real-time, intricate data inquiries within the healthcare domain. Dr. Banerjee is particularly dedicated to fortifying healthcare strategies through predictive analytics, empowering stakeholders with actionable data and information capabilities. Continuously striving for excellence, he remains committed to grooming the next generation of healthcare professionals, molding them to address the most demanding healthcare challenges and shape the future of healthcare.

Dr. Karuupaiah RK


A visionary founder and esteemed physician, Dr. Karuupaiah RK holds a Master's in Health Administration from the University of Southern California. With his exceptional expertise in healthcare, he is at the forefront of pioneering leadership, significantly improving patient care and healthcare system performance. Dr. Karuupaiah is resolutely committed to excellence, revolutionizing processes to amplify efficiency and advance the healthcare delivery model. His leadership is marked by insightful strategic planning and unwavering determination, establishing him as a trusted physician leader devoted to navigating and mastering the complexities of healthcare with unparalleled proficiency.

Dr. Karuupaiah RK, Founder
Askar Ali, Manager of Operations

Askar Ali

Manager of Operations

Askar Ali, the Operations Manager at Medquik Solutions, boasts 8 years of expertise in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Specializing in FTE and transaction-based billing modules, he excels in seamless implementations and on-site transitions. Recognized for his technical proficiency and exceptional interpersonal skills, Mr. Askar Ali is a master at client relations. His calm and composed demeanor, coupled with a soft-spoken yet assertive leadership style, creates an environment where challenges are met with solutions. Serving as the backbone of operational excellence, Mr. Askar Ali ensures the team not only meets but exceeds client expectations, optimizing revenue cycles effectively.