Cancellation policy

This cancellation policy applies to our two subscription options: Premium and Premium Pro. Please review the following terms to understand how to manage your subscription preferences.

Cancellation at Any Time

Subscribers may cancel their yearly subscription at any time. To avoid automatic renewal for the subsequent year, cancellation requests must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the subscription's renewal date.

Method of Cancellation

Subscriptions can be cancelled via the account settings on the LetsFAME app or by contacting our customer support team at To prevent being charged for the next year, ensure that your cancellation request is made at least 48 hours prior to your renewal date.

Post-Cancellation Access

Following cancellation, subscribers will retain access to all subscription benefits until the end of the current paid period, allowing full utilisation of our services until the subscription term concludes.

Refund Policy

LetsFAME does not issue refunds for any partially used subscription periods. Cancellation will cease future billing but will not result in a refund unless initiated within the refund window specified in our refund policy.

Subscription Modifications

Subscribers may modify their subscriptions, such as upgrading to a premium plan, at any time through their account settings. Adjustments will take effect immediately, and any difference in subscription fees will be calculated on a prorated basis.

Termination of Benefits

Upon the effective date of cancellation, access to subscription benefits will terminate at the end of the current billing cycle.

Reactivation of Subscription

Former subscribers may reactivate their subscriptions at any time by accessing the subscription settings on their original platform. Reactivation does not apply to individuals who have received a refund; in such cases, any attempt to re-subscribe will be considered a new subscription initiation, and all applicable charges will apply.


Subscription benefits are not transferable between different platforms (e.g., from Android to iOS). Subscribers changing platforms must initiate a new subscription.

Policy Amendments

LetsFAME reserves the right to amend or update the cancellation policy as necessary. All changes will be communicated to our subscribers through appropriate channels promptly.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance regarding your subscription or its cancellation, please contact our customer support team via the LetsFAME app or by emailing

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