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The rate of infertility is on the rise in our country at an alarming rate. IVF seems to be the only option for many such couples. The high cost and long treatment time are the prohibitory factors for some.
We at SSFC offer a new and novel method of treatment for such couples. We have devised a new cost effective and comprehensive treatment whicheliminates the cost involved in an IVF lab there by reducing the total cost of treatment.


INVOcell fertility treatment offers an alternative IVF treatment with the low cost technique without compromising the results. This technology is imported from USA and is successfully practiced in many countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Spain and England etc.

The INVOcell is a small capsule that is used, for the incubation of eggs and sperm for embryo development. Unlike conventional IVF, where the eggs and sperm develop into embryos in a laboratory, the INVOcell utilizes the women's vagina as a natural incubator to support embryo development. This novel INVOcell technology offers patients a more personal approach to achieving pregnancy.


In this technique the ovaries are stimulated similar to conventional IVF but comparatively less medications are needed .The egg collection is done in the similar manner. The eggs retrieved are mixed with the husband’s sperms in a device called INVO cell.This small capsule is placed in the maternal vaginal cavity for 3day incubation. This is a painless procedure and the woman carrying an INVOcell device can comfortably walk and travel without any discomfort.

"NVOcell allows embryo development to take place inside the mother's body, thus having a baby is simpler and less expensive, while promoting more involvement by the woman"

Theinvocell is removed and the embryos formed are transferred back in the uterus like normal embryo transfer technique. A blood test is done after 14 days to confirm the pregnancy.

The benefits of INVOcell are many. Cost effectiveness is not the only advantage. The embryos are developed in a more natural environment, thereby producing better quality embryos.This markedly reduces the chance of miscarriages.

With the INVOcell and INVO Procedure, more and more patients can now receive safe, effective and affordable infertility treatment.



The first step in any fertility treatment is to identify and understand the reasons why pregnancy has not occurred naturally. Initially we recommend.

At your initial consultation, we will review your medical history and give...

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