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Sperms can be frozen for reuse at anytime. This is a safe and established procedure, which has resulted in many successful pregnancies.

Who Needs Sperm Freezing?

  • As part of fertility treatment
  • Patients with cancer or other medical conditions, which requires chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment
  • When sperm count is declining prematurely
  • When husband is not available during the egg collection
  • When there is a difficulty in producing a semen sample at request


After consultation with the doctor, routine infection screening is done. An appointment is given for sperm collection. Optimally there should be a 3-5 day abstinence on the day of freezing. The sperms are analyzed, in the lab and then the sample is frozen for further use.

Oocyte Freezing

For many reasons, IVF can not be proceeded as planned in that cycle.In such situations, unfertilized eggs can be frozen for further use.

Whomay Benefitfrom Oocyte Freezing

  • Patients who wants to preserve their oocyte before their treatment for cancer
  • patients who wants to accumulate oocyte in case of poor response
  • Unexpectedly,when sperms are not good in a normospermic manon the egg collection day.
  • Elective egg freezing for women who are not in a relationship andwho want to 'preserve' their fertility


A cycle of egg freezing involves the same treatment as for conventional IVF, except the eggs are not fertilised or transferred. The eggs that are mature enough are frozen on the day as the egg collection.

During the subsequent cycles,the stored eggs are thawed and proceeded with IVF.The resulting embryos are transferred , using the same procedure as in a conventional IVF embryo transfer. There is no difference in fertilization rate or pregnancy rate.

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