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The egg is surrounded by a shell called zona pellucida The zona has an important role in fertilisation as it allows only one sperm to penetrate the zona for fertilisation, and it retains the growing cells in an embryo fertilisation.


Who Needs LAH?

  • Patients with embryos having a thick Zona.
  • Patients with failed previous IVF/ICSI cycles.
  • Women older that 37 years of age, have a tendency to produce eggs with a harder zona pellucida.
  • Women with a high Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) level.
  • Patients who are poor responders to ovarian stimulation.
  • Patients who have had previous low fertilisation rate, resulting in three or fewer embryos.


At SS Fertility Centre, We offer the Laser technique for Assisted Hatching (LAH), whera a precision laser beam is focused over the zona pellucida making a small opening, between 10-20 microns to facilitate embryo hatching. LAH is done just before the Embryo Transfer.
The entire procedure is completed in a few milliseconds. Pregnancy rates rise above 50% to 65% with this technique.

We also routinely do assisted hatching in all frozen thawed embryos before Embryo Transfer to maximise success rates.



The first step in any fertility treatment is to identify and understand the reasons why pregnancy has not occurred naturally. Initially we recommend.

At your initial consultation, we will review your medical history and give...

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