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Blastocyst Culture Transfer

A blastocyst is an embryo that has developed for five to six days after fertilisation. With blastocyst transfer, embryos are cultured in the laboratory incubator to the blastocyst stage before they are transferred to the womb. At this time, one or two of the best quality blastocysts are selected and then implanted into the woman's womb. A blastocyst has a better chance to successfully attach itself to the wall of the womb for a woman to become pregnant.


When is Blastocyst Transfer Recommended?

We offer blastocyst transfer as a means of improving chances of pregnancy after embryo tranfer.

  • Couples with repeated IVF failure
  • Couples with repeated miscarriage
  • Couples who wants single embryo transfers
  • Elderly women


There is no major risk involved in blastocyst culture. Not all embryos will develop to produce blastocyst in the laboratory. Embryos can stop developing at the four-cell stage and progress no further.

How Successful is Blastocyst Transfer?

The success rate greatly increases in well formed blastocyst when compared to day 3 embryos



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