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Stress Management

In response to a stressful event, the brain sends a chemical message to the adrenal glands and adrenaline is released. Adrenaline causes the heart rate to speed up, dilates air passages, and sends blood to the muscles and away from the skin and intestines. Blood flows away from organs involved in "non-life or death" functions such as digestion and reproduction.

Cortisol, another hormone, is released shortly after adrenaline. Cortisol in normal level is essential for normal functioning of many systems, but too much or too little can adversely affect energy levels, sleep, immune response, and blood sugar and insulin levels.

Normally there is a good balance between these harmones.During stressful conditions prolonged exposure to these harmones can result in high blood pressure, diabetes and insulin resistance, gastrointestinal disorders ,anxiety, depression, and may contribute to reproductive problems.

Physical exercise can help in burning off the adrenaline. Activities that help reduce the effects of chronic stress are Slow and deep breathing, meditation, some types of yoga, acupuncture, spending time outside in nature, and relaxation exercises can result in lower blood pressure, less anxiety, improved sleep, better digestion, a stronger immune system, and an improved sense of well-being resulting in better pregnancy rate.

Don't Stress - Before Your IVF Cycle

It is well established that stress significantly affect the pregnancy rate in ivf patients.

Stress affects our hormone levels and this in turn affects the fertility, and the resulting fertility problems can increase the stress level in a couple thus resulting in a cascade .

What can we do to understand and reduce the effects of stress on our bodies?

Stress is a very personal feeling . What one perceives as stress may not be for another person. Stress is anything that disrupts the normal functioning of our body… like ideal heart rate, blood sugar level, blood pressure, etc.

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