Our story

Patent Pending Pouch Underwear Engineered To Transform Your Every Day!

Why shouldn’t our inner wear make us feel limitless?

We’ve all heard it, seen it, and ouch, experienced it; restrictive underwear that irritates and chafes your skin, causes excessive sweating, and makes you feel like your boys are slowly being boiled down there?

Surely, our bodies deserve better than this. As engineers, we set out on a mission to reinvent men’s underwear utilising what we know best – technology, And, thus HIGH ENGINEERING a.k.a HIELABS was born.

Carefully designed, brilliantly crafted, and stunningly executed, our underwear is made to fit the kings!

We have created an underwear that will help men feel confident in their bodies every day, and never having to worry about dynamic movements, the weather, their attire, ANYTHING at all.

We have focused on the most precise of details to design the answer to your liberation, having incorporated the best of advanced engineering, such as the revolutionary PATENT PENDING BALLin TECH and Micro-Modal fabric to keep your bejewels cool and fresh 24 x 7 With flat-out seams, skin-fitting, absolutely no friction between the thighs and balls, we guarantee unparalled support to make you feel limitless and the power to conquer whatever the day brings you. We assure you there is plenty of room for you and jollies to breathe easy and stay dry all day long.

Try on a pair today, and feel the difference.

Feels like feather

Featuring construction from 100% micromodal that is 3x lighter than regular cotton and as soft as the finest of silk. Fabric so breathable, so light with feather touch comfort, you would have to take a double look to see if you are actually wearing anything.

Flat seams

We have taken special care to make sure our fabric edges do not overlap, so that the seam allowance does not put unnecessary pressure or rub against your skin. Our flat seams are constructed with utmost precision and fabric cuts to meet accurately at their edges for incomparable comfort and ease.

Anti odour

Sweat by itself is odourless, but naturally occurring bacteria on your skin causes body odour. The natural beech wood fabric fibres effectively blocks and kills odour-causing bacteria that comes from your body. By neutralizing the bacteria before it interacts with body sweat, there is no way for you to stink anymore!

Anti rollup, zero adjustment

With 3D construction, quality tailoring, 4 ways stretching, soft micromodal fabric, and a no-roll waistband, our underwear keeps your bad boys in place, all day long. There is really no need for any awkward, mid-day readjustments in front of the ladies, ever!

Breathable, moisture wicking

Moisture wicking fabric has two jobs - quickly move sweat to the fabric’s outer surface and drying rapidly so that your sweat does not saturate the fabric. As a result, you are more comfortable and the fabric on your skin stays dry, non-sticky and non-icky! Don’t sweat the science, ‘moisture wicking’ is the magic phrase!

Dimensional lift and support

To really hit a home-run with our underwear, we have incorporated the revolutionary BALLin TECH to combine all the functionality you want in top-drawer underwear. Like a good mood, our underwear provides a gentle lift and support to your crown jewels. You will have no problem wearing these all day long with superior comfort and confidence.