Certified Inpatient Coder(CIC)™

Certified Inpatient Coder(CIC)™

The CIC certification is the only credential that exclusively focuses on inpatient coding within healthcare facilities. It attests to expert knowledge and expertise in extracting information from medical records, specifically in the context of ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding, as well as specialized payment knowledge in MS-DRGs and Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems (IPPS). As a student, it is recommended to seek clarification on topics such as "What is CIC medical coding?", "Where can I pursue studies to become a CIC?", "When does this course conclude?", and "When will the new format for the CIC test be made available?". If you have any concerns regarding the Boston Medical Coding Academy, including how to prepare for the final exam, we are more than happy to address them and offer the best possible career guidance.


CIC Exam Training (Certified Inpatient Coder)– AAPC

imgExpertise in medical record review to abstract information required to support accurate inpatient coding.

imgExpertise in assigning accurate ICD-10 medical codes for diagnoses and procedures performed in the inpatient setting.

imgSuperior knowledge of current rules, regulations, and issues regarding medical coding, compliance, and reimbursement under MS-DRG and IPPS systems.

imgRevenue Cycle Management and Numerous Coding Examples.

imgEvaluation and Management (E&M), Surgery, Anesthesia, Radiology, Pathology, and Medicine.

imgStrong ability to integrate coding and reimbursement rule changes in a timely manner to include updating the Charge Description Master (CDM), fee updates, and the Field Locators (FL) on the UB04.

imgSolid understanding of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology required to correctly code facility services and diagnosis.

img Understanding of outpatient reimbursement methodologies (OPPS).

CIC at Boston Medical Coding Academy

Our objective is to impart comprehensive training in medical coding for the healthcare sector. The training program for medical coders will be conducted by professionals who possess extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in this field. Upon completion of our training program, medical coders will be fully equipped for employment opportunities. We offer a comprehensive curriculum, assignments, and practice tests to ensure your preparedness for the CIC exam. Our methodology has demonstrated a proven track record in achieving success in certification exams.


If you are seeking the finest medical coding institute in the Chennai area or are interested in remote training, we encourage you to contact Boston Medical Coding Academy. Our institution will provide you with exceptional education in the field of Medical Coding, ensuring your readiness for the CIC exam. We guarantee a high-quality education that is both comprehensive and profound.

The most effective way to prepare for the CIC exam is by enrolling in Boston Medical Coding Academy's CIC Preparation Course. We assure you that you will acquire the necessary knowledge to successfully pass the certification exam. Our training program surpasses that of any other certified education provider's preparatory courses. Students who have attended classes at Boston Medical Coding Academy have achieved twice the passing rate of non-Boston Medical Coding Academy students in the CIC exam.

The CIC exam thoroughly covers

The Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) examination comprehensively covers the following topics :

imgMedical records and guidelines for documentation

img10 multiple-choice questions

imgComprehending the limitations of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and managing downtime effectively

imgIdentifying gaps in documentation caused by copy/paste and template usage

imgUnderstanding the principles of HIPAA Security and Privacy

img Familiarity with MDB reporting requirements

imgDemonstrating proficiency in adding and modifying media files

imgIdentifying the various elements within a medical file

imgSpecifying the required duration for documenting services by providers

imgRecognizing the importance of timely documentation

imgIdentifying and correctly coding procedures performed at the patient's bedside

imgUnderstanding the reporting requirements as per Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (UHDDS)

imgFamiliarity with the documentation requirements specified by the Joint Commission (JC)


CIC™ Exam

imgThe examination comprises a total of 60 multiple choice questions and 10 hospital cases that need to be completed under supervision

imgThe allotted time for the examination is 5 hours and 40 minutes.

imgParticipants are allowed to refer to open codebooks and manuals during the examination.

imgThe Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) examination evaluates the accurate implementation of the ICD-10-PCS procedure codes and ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes, which are utilized for coding and billing purposes in hospital services.